First Team Software

1. POP-based email access. Task scheduling.
2. Schedule marketing emails, status reports, or follow-ups on project tasks.
3. Project tracking (id, milestones, dashboard status reports, participants)


1. Check-box dispositioning of emails. (No drag and drop). (There are some emails that cannot be associated with a definite time or task, so a note can be attached and sent to a Later task).
2. Dashboard of tasks with associated emails and text notes.
3. Appointments : sorted by time with associated emails and notes, scroll of when time expires.
4. Triggers : send an email when a project or task is complete (with confirmation). Triggers are general-purpose automatic mailings.
5. Dashboard status report: shows all task status.

Check-box dispositioning of an email into multiple projects, tasks, appointments, or templates.
First Team Software exists to provide excellent software and services for your Team. The company has been in business since 2004 and served the telecommunications, retail, CRM, and ecommerce industries in Detroit (MI), Deerfield (IL), New York (NY), and worldwide. Our development has been done on Linux, Windows, and many UNIX(TM) variants.
1. Add-on service for your Digi-Watcher(TM) software (
2. Extracts digi-watcher photos from your email and posts them to your twitter feed.
3. One-time transfer or scheduled transfers.
1. eBook publishing consulting.
2. Publish to Kindle, Nook, and Google.
3. Training for use of kindlebookcreat software.
4. googlebookcreat software.

1. Custom PL/SQL for Oracle(TM) 9i, 10g, and 11g database ETL
2. Faster than popular ETL tools or "merge" command.
3. Custom Oracle database table archiving.
4. Table archiving moves old records to another table and improves efficiency of existing table.

1. Serving the Natchitoches, LA area
2. Windows(TM) or Linux home or office network setup.
3. Software Installations and Upgrades.
4. Custom office development using MS Access.